A man talking to his managers - quitting your job了解辞职时该说什么了解如何与你的主管与同事们保持友好关系

A man talking to his managers - quitting your jobFind out what to say when quitting your job. Learn how to stay friends with your manager and coworkers.


Quitting a job can be hard. It is important that you tell your boss in the right way. You also might want to write them a letter and should try your best until you leave the company. Plan how to act with your coworkers so they will help you in the future.


Here are six things to consider when quitting your job.


1. Tell your manager when you are together


It is always best to tell your manager when you are together

  • 一旦做了决定,就找个好的地方告知你的主管。
  • 面对面告诉他或者在电话上说会比用电邮来说有礼貌。有时候,经理们很忙而没有空见面,在这种情况下,电邮或者电话是可行的方法
  • 告诉你的主管你很满意你在公司的这段时间。解释你为何离职,但不要提供私人细节比如说,你可能为了比较高的薪资离职,但不要提起你在新工作的薪水。
  • 在告诉你的经理之前,不要告诉你的同事
  • 如果你是因为找到新的工作而离职,你必须完全肯定你可以开始做新的工作! 确定你在辞职前已经签署了聘书有时候,公司可能会撤回他们的聘书。不过,如果你已经签了新的劳动合约,你就可以告诉你的主管。
  • Tell your manager as soon as you make your decision and find a good time to meet.
  • It is more respectful to do it when you are together or on the phone rather than an email. Sometimes managers are too busy and cannot meet. If that is the case, an email or phone call are OK.
  • Tell your boss you enjoyed your time at the company. Explain why you are leaving but do not give personal details. For example, maybe you are leaving for another job that pays more. Do not mention your new salary.
  • DO NOT tell your coworkers before your manager.
  • If you are leaving because you found a new job, you need to be 100 percent sure that you can start the new job! Make sure you have signed an offer letter before you quit. Sometimes, companies can change their mind about their offer. But if you have signed a contract and have a start date, you can talk to your boss.


2. Give your manager at least 2 weeks notice


When quitting your job, tell your manager at least 2 weeks ahead of time. They need at least this much time to replace you. Giving advance notice will help your manager think highly of you.


Sometimes your manager might ask you to stay longer. You do not have to say yes unless you want to.


3. Write a resignation letter


A resignation letter explains that you are leaving. Most employers want to receive one when you quit your job. It is best if this is printed from a computer and signed. If you don’t have a printer, you can also just write it on a piece of paper.


4. Try your best until the end


It is important to leave a good impression.

  • 到离开前都要努力工作
  • 继续准时上工,而且不要提早离开
  • 在你离开前,你可能会需要训练你的继任者尽力与他分享一切你所学习到的东西,这会让你的公司的过渡期比较容易
  • Keep working hard until you leave.
  • Continue to come in on time and do not leave early.
  • You may need to train someone who will take over your job before you leave. Do your best to share everything you learned with them. It will make the transition easier for your company.


5. Thank your coworkers


Make sure to say goodbye to all of the people you worked with closely. Thank them for being good coworkers. If you are searching for a job in the future, you can ask them to be your references. References are people who will speak kindly of you to a potential employer. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can ask them to write you a recommendation.


6. Continue to talk to your old coworkers


After you have left your old job, you can still messege, cal, or visit your coworkers. If you are nearby, you can stop by to say hello. If you are far away, you can send an email to your boss or your favorite coworkers. Give them news about your life or new job. Staying in contact shows you appreciated your time at the company. If you left your company because you were not treated well, of course you do not need to do this.


Things not to do when quitting your job

  • 不要炫耀你接下来要做的事
  • 不要在工作时显出负面的态度
  • 不要把工作环境弄乱
  • Do not brag about what you are doing next
    You may be excited to spend more time with your family. Maybe you are happy because you are moving somewhere else. Still, do not brag to your coworkers. They might not be happy with their situation and this will hurt their feelings.
  • Do not be negative at your current job
    It is possible that you were not happy with your job or coworkers. Do not say unkind about them to people at your old job or new job. If you are unhappy, speak with your friends or family.
  • Do not leave your workspace messy
    Make sure to take your personal things home. Return everything that was borrowed from your work. If you had a workspace, clean it. Someone else might be taking it over.


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