woman talking to her doctor - healthcare jobs

woman talking to her doctor - healthcare jobs


Find out how to get healthcare jobs.

医疗保健是10亿美元的行业与数以百万计的员工. 训练有素的医护人员需求量很大. 移民和难民有很好的机会找到在医院的医疗保健工作, 因为这些大型工作场所往往服务于不同的人群. 医院经常寻找多语种的人, 所以你的语言技能将是一个帮助.

Healthcare is a billion-dollar industry with millions of employees. Trained healthcare workers are in high demand. Immigrants and refugees have a good chance of finding a healthcare job at a hospital because these large workplaces often serve diverse populations. Hospitals often look for multilingual people, so your language skills will be a help.

医疗 jobss 的热门城市哪项工作?

top cities for healthcare jobssWhich job?

医疗保健工作可以得到高薪和满足. 通过正确的培训, 你可以找到一个稳定的工作, 有很多机会在你的职业生涯中晋升. 有许多不同类型的医疗保健工作. 下面是其中的一些:

Healthcare jobs can be well-paid and fulfilling. With the right training, you can find a stable job with many opportunities to advance in your career. There are many different types of healthcare jobs. Here are some of them:

护理助理– 经认证的护理助理 (CNA) 是帮助注册或持牌护士获得生命体征的人, 组织医疗设备, 管理海绵浴, 和更多. 为了获得认证, 你将需要完成培训, 以获得认证. 每个州都有自己的规则, 但它通常是关于 75 课堂指导和临床培训. 经过培训并通过考试, 你将获得工作认证.

Nursing assistant – A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is someone who helps a registered or licensed nurse with obtaining vital signs, organizing medical equipment, administering sponge baths, and more. In order to become certified, you will need to complete training to get certified. Each state has its own rules, but it’s usually about 75 hours of classroom instructions and clinical training. After your training and passing an exam, you will be certified to work.

手肉毒杆菌师– 手肉毒杆菌学家抽血献血, 输血, 测试, 和研究. 他们必须了解血图设备是如何运作的. 他们不必花很长时间在学校获得认证. 静脉切开术训练 4 自 8 几个月.

Phlebotomist – Phlebotomists draw blood for donations, transfusions, tests, and research. They must understand how blood drawing equipment operates. They do not have to spend a long time in school to get a certification. Phlebotomy training takes 4 to 8 months.

家庭健康助手– 一名家庭健康助理负责帮助残疾人, 老人, 或生病的病人与日常任务, 如洗澡, 敷料, 和家政服务. 家庭助理可以在几个病人之间旅行, 也可以和病人全职生活在一起. 成为认证家庭健康助手, 你必须完成 75 培训时间, 展示你的技能, 通过考试.

Home health aide – A home health aide is in charge of helping disabled, elderly, or sick patients with day-to-day tasks such as bathing, dressing, and housekeeping. A home aide may travel between several patients or live with a patient full-time. To become a certified home health aide, you must complete 75 hours of training, demonstrate your skills, and pass an examination.

牙科助理– 牙科助理在牙科诊所做行政职责和基本病人护理. 举个例子, 牙科助理可以准备一个病人进行口腔清洁, 或者他可能负责为办公室填写和组织病人记录。. 培训可以从九月到两年不等的时间完成, 取决于它是否是证书, 文凭或学位.

Dental assistant – Dental assistants do administrative duties and basic patient care in a dental office. For example, a dental assistant may prepare a patient for oral cleaning or he may be in charge of filling out and organizing patients records for the office. Training can take anywhere from nine months to two years to complete, depending on whether it’s a certificate, diploma or degree.

按摩治疗师– 按摩师是一个人谁使用触摸操纵肌肉在身体. 这可以缓解紧张, 应力, 和疼痛, 让患者放松. 你需要一个做按摩师的执照. 获得按摩治疗许可证的法定最短时间因州而异, 这些最小值范围从 330 自 1,000 小时.

Massage therapist – A massage therapist is a person who uses touch to manipulate muscles in the body. This can relieve tension, stress, and pain and allows the patients to relax. You need a license to be a massage therapist. Legal minimum hours for obtaining a massage therapy license vary by state, and these minimums range from 330 to 1,000 hours.

医生 医师意味着医生. 医生诊断和治疗患者. 他们中的许多人在医院工作, 但他们也可能操作自己的做法. 医生可以在许多专科工作, 包括儿科, 家庭护理, 肿瘤, 和重症监护. 成为一名医生, 学生必须完成四年的本科学院四年的医学院后三至八年的住院医师培训.

Physician – Physician means doctor. Physicians diagnose and treat patients. Many of them work in hospitals, but they may also operate their own practices. Physicians can work in many specialties, including pediatrics, family care, oncology, and intensive care. To become a physician, students are required to complete four years of undergraduate college four years of medical school followed by three to eight years of residency training.

健康信息技术员– 健康信息技术员 (打) 保持医疗记录的安全, 准确, 和最新. 几乎所有这些记录都保存在计算机上. 大多数从事卫生信息技术工作的人都持有卫生信息技术或相关领域的副学士学位。.

Health information technician – A health information technician (HIT) keeps medical records safe, accurate, and up to date. Almost all these records are kept on computers. Most people working in health information technology hold an associate’s degree in health information technology or a related field.

药学技术员– 药学技术人员帮助药剂师帮助病人. 他们必须了解毒品的名称和用途. 药学技术人员知道如何配药, 并确定正确的剂量, 但他们不开处方或决定有关药物. 药学技术人员需要证书. 证书和副学士学位课程可能需要一到两年才能完成.

Pharmacy technician – Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists assist patients. They must understand drug names and uses. Pharmacy techs know how to dispense medications and determine the correct dosage, but they do not prescribe or make decisions about medications. Pharmacy technicians need a certificate. Certificate and associate degree programs can take one to two years to complete.

注册护士 (Rn) — — 注册护士在医院和诊所照顾病人. 你可以通过获得副学士学位而成为 rn, 学士学位或通过医院课程获得的文凭. 然后你必须参加并通过全国委员会的执照考试. 一些学校提供在线护理学位.

Registered nurse (RN) – Registered nurses take care of patients in hospitals and clinics. You can become an RN by getting an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or a diploma through a hospital program. Then you must take and pass the national council licensure examination. Some schools offer online nursing degrees.

放射技师– 放射技师使用成像技术进行检查, 如 x 光和 ct 扫描. 他们与放射科医生一起工作, 但是他们没有经过训练来诊断他们执行的成像考试的结果. 成为放射科技术员的副学士学位可能需要两年时间.

Radiologic technologist – Radiologic technologists perform exams using imaging, such as X-rays and CT scans. They work alongside radiologists, but they are not trained to diagnose the results of the imaging exams they perform. An associate degree to become a radiologist technician can take up to two years.


Is healthcare the right job for me?

如你所见, 对许多医疗保健工作的培训可能需要很长时间. 虽然医疗保健工作是有益的, 往往是高薪, 医疗保健专业人员经常处理大量的压力, 时间承诺, 和责任. 重要的是要考虑这些事情, 如果你想使医疗保健你的长期职业. 你也可以:

As you saw above, training for many healthcare jobs can take a long time. While healthcare jobs are rewarding and often well-paying, healthcare professional often deal with a lot of stress, time commitments, and responsibility. It’s important to think about these things if you wish to make healthcare your long-term career. You can also:

如果你的职业需要你获得学士学位或学士学位, 你应该考虑你是否愿意投入大量的时间和金钱在你的教育. 有很多机会让你在健康事业上进步. 您可能会考虑现在获得短期认证, 并在以后的职业生涯中晋升到下一个级别。. 举个例子, 你可以开始作为 CNA 和工作你的方式成为一个 RN.

If your career requires you to get an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, you should think about whether you are willing to invest a lot of time and money in your education. There are a lot of opportunities for you to advance in the health career. You might consider getting a shorter-term certification now and moving up to the next level later in your career. For example, you can start as CNA and work your way up to become a RN.


Where do I start?

第一次, 选择要培训的作业. 然后, 根据要求, 您可以参加社区学院或技术学校, 去四年大学, 或在线学习.

First, choose the job you want to train for. Then, depending on the requirements, you can attend community college or technical school, go to four-year university, or study online.

  • 如果你还没有收到你的高中文凭, 那应该是你的第一步. RCO 免费 GED 课程 将帮助你准备通过 GED 考试
  • 工作队 是一项政府计划, 为青年和妇女提供免费教育和职业培训 16 自 24. 工作队培训包括医疗保健工作, 如: CNA, 牙科助理, 药房技术员, 医疗行政助理, 卫生部门协调员, 和执照/职业护士.
  • 如何申请大学
  • If you haven’t received your high school diploma, that should be your first step. RCO’s free GED program will help you prepare to pass the GED exam
  • Job Corps is a government program that offers free education and vocational training to young and women ages 16 to 24. Job Corps training includes healthcare jobs such as: CNA, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, medical administrative assistant, health unit coordinator, and licensed/vocational nurse.
  • How to apply for college

ealthcare 未来的就业机会.如果我已经有资格在另一个国家?

ealthcare jobs for the future.What if I am already qualified in another country?

如果您有医疗保健资格或学位, 向上全球 帮助工作授权的移民, 难民, 庇护, 和特别移民签证持有人 (结构性投资工具) 重新启动他们在美国的职业生涯.

If you have healthcare qualification or degree, Upwardly Global helps work-authorized immigrants, refugees, asylees, and Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs) restart their professional careers in the United States.


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