9am-9 下午, 9 月 30 日, 2017

哈斯商学院, 加州大学伯克利分校

而所有的眼睛对国际难民危机和美国"旅行禁令"战役, 现实是,有数以十万计的难民是 已经在这里 在我们的社区,需要支持. 这些新移民面临难他们成功的结构性障碍. 他们要挣扎着才能维持生活的工资工作, 适足住房, 医疗和教育.



First Place Prize:

Over lunch at Cafe Chez Panisse, the entire winning team will get a chance to ask questions and get advice from Ed Colligan, who helped establish the next generation of personal computingthe handheld computer. As the CEO of Palm, Ed spearheaded the transformation that created the highly acclaimed WebOS platform and Palm Pre line of smartphones. Ed now spends his time investing in and mentoring entrepreneurs with the goal of helping to establish the next generation of breakthrough products and brands. Ed is a board member of Numenta, POPS Worldwide, and Inboard Actions Sports, and is on the board of advisors for a number of other start-up companies. This prize offers a unique opportunity to ask questions and get advice from a product and marketing innovator, including questions like how to pitch a company to get venture funding. All while dining at one of the best restaurants in the country. Donated by Ed Colligan.

Runner-up Prize:

Members of second place team will each receive a Kendama, a Japanese toy that is perfect for hours of keeping yourself entertained. Donated by Deal With It.

Individual Prize:

One lucky winner will receive a free class (or can choose a series of classes) from General Assembly’s Portfolio. Donated by General Assembly.

All-participant Prize:

All participants will receive some fun swag from General Assembly as well as a discount code for General Assembly’s classes.

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