Voting for the first time

Voting for the first time

“I am nearly 40-years-old. I voted for the first time in my life this past week.”

Before, when people would say something about Americans, I never felt like I actually belonged. However, just this past month, I finally became an US citizen. Now I vote for the very first time. Voting and being a citizen made me feel like I belong.

Being my first time to vote in my life brings me a sense of strength that my vote can bring change that is going to affect myself and the community I live in.

Back in Kenya where my status was refugee, voting was something that only I dream of doing it. I had Kenyan friends who were voting, telling me that this candidate is not good for them because of this reasons and that was not something that I accepted (lack of knowledge) but here I am voting for the what my Kenyan friends tried to make me understand decades ago – that some measures that was bad for them or a specific candidate that was not up for what they value.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to all the good people especially the immigrant and minority group.

Please Vote!

Coming from an immigrant background I know we don’t always know the value of voting, or we might undermine our strength when it come to voting. That belief have to stop – if we combine our votes, we can make our community safe by following the rules and regulation that are set in the US constitution.”

Mohamud is a former refugee, who spent over 15 years in Dadaab refugee camp. He is now an American citizen. He used the RCO’s free citizenship class to help him get ready to pass his civics exam.

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