Resume challenges in the USA

A woman typing on a computer- resume challenges Every county expects a different kind of resume from people applying for jobs. Learn what the resume challenges in the USA are.

Writing a new resume in the United States of America was challenging for me due to several reasons. First, it was a little bit different from the original one I had prepared back in Iraqi in both from the format and the information you write about. Second, the quality and the quantity of information being explained in the resume was very different. 

 In general, the way we used to prepare a resume in Iraq is different from what we prepare here in the United States of America. In Iraq, your resume should be a little longer than what we see in America. I remember, my resume was almost three pages. These three pages had information about every single academic institution I graduated from, information about all the classes you had taken, your address, your teachers, your detailed activities, etc.

My resume was long enough to make anyone in the USA tied while reading it.

 In my view, the reason for that was related to social, cultural and even political logic. In my Kurdish culture (and in Iraq in general) people think the longer you describe something, the better you are. Kurdish and Iraq culture is a mostly verbal culture in which they use many words and names for one thing or one activity.

Iraqi culture rarely uses brief and short words for other things.

I did not notice this difference I came to USA to saw how short and precise the resumes are or should be. I still remember that my resume in Iraq not only short, but it was even formatted in a very different way. For example, writing your resume without a physical address makes it difficult to get in contact with a company or employer. Another example from my first resume included my degrees and the year and the month of that degree. Instead of just writing down the degree and the specialization, we wrote every detail about that degree.

I remember my first resume was even had my day, month and year of birth.

Once I came to the United States of America, I started to change my entire resume.  I started with editing my first resume to take away all unnecessary details about my activities and my degrees. Thus, I was only focusing on precise and required important information about my major degrees, and certificates. I removed most activities, hobbies, and unnecessary information. My main goal was just to keep the main work experiences and achievements in my life.

I realized that writing a new resume in the United States of America is very challenging.

The first reason is that you have to add specific information from the job description when you apply for certain employers.

Second, you do not know exactly which of your original information should be taken away. Third, I did not know that when you apply for a job here, you should also write a separate cover letter too. Back in Iraq, it was only a resume . We did not get to have a separate cover letter to be attached with resume. Finally, you need recommendations that are not from your original country but from people that live here. 

Writing a resume in a different country can be very hard. Be ready to make changes and learn from people who can help you make the changes you need.

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