Restaurant jobs are excellent places to start

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Restaurant jobs are a good way place to start your career in the USA. You can learn new skills and meet many different people. Learn how restaurant jobs can help you learn new skills. 

When we first time came to America in 2012, I had no idea about what kind of job I would take. I felt I would have some language difficulties and cultural challenges while I looked for jobs. I was able to find some friends in the local church in Southern Illinois. This was in the small community of Carbondale. The people in town were very supportive and helpful.

In the beginning I did not think I had skills and experience with food and kitchen stuff. I never knew about my restaurant abilities and food preparations. I remember the first time we invited some local church members who used to help newcomers and refugees to have lunch with us.

They were surprised by the type, size, and quality of food I had prepared for them.

One of the church leaders offered me a job teaching a class and I accepted with some hesitations. But those folks opened the way for me to be a successful chef in a restaurant managing and service career.

Once the church started the cooking class for me, I started to show the students how to make Middle Eastern food. For three months, I had a class on a daily basis for fifteen American students.

Basically, I was preparing different types of food in front of them. These were various Kurdish, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish foods. The church was paying for the food ingredients. I was preparing the food and students were taking notes and participating in the class under my supervision.

That class was very important to me. It initiated my professional career as a restaurant manager and a restaurant chef.

After a successful run of that class, my passion for finding restaurant jobs had grown. In my first attempt to find a restaurant job, I applied to Habibie Restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is an international restaurant that serves mostly Mediterranean food such as chicken shawarma, gyro and falafel.

After one year of working. I switched to another international restaurant called Gourmet Grill. Due to my experiences and skills, the owner offered me lots of hours and a management position. The owner even had raised my hourly wage so I can stay with them.

Restaurant jobs are important for several reasons. First, you get a lot of experience with different types of food, ways of preparations, and various styles of food decorations. The food I learned about was from different cultures. I learned about Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, and Persian styles. I never knew that someday I would prepare such a variety of food from different countries in one restaurant.

Second, you may learn from the skills and expertise of other coworkers from different nationalities and cultures.

My restaurant hires people from different nationalities. This is important as you work with them in preparing different food. Third, I learned a lot about people from those cultures. Some days, we got fifty people from different nationalities and ethnicities. During breaks, sometimes, we got in cultural discussions and we continuously learn about those cultures.

Finally, working in a restaurant will be a great opportunity for socializing and building community relations with people in the city.

I think the most important thing in working at a restaurant is that you might get enough skills and expertise to open your own restaurant in the future. This is not impossible especially if you have enough funding to do so.

A dream may come true when you really work for it and have a well-organized plan to achieve it.

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