The difference between private schools and public schools

The difference between private schools and public schools

Private Schools and Public Schools: There is a difference between private schools and public schools. However, both private and public schools have many similarities.

I appreciate many things about every type of school. We all go there and learn many things that are very useful to us in the society. Corresponding to the type of school that you go to, there are many difficulties and many triumphs.

You can go to a private school that is owned by an organization or individuals. There you would have a smaller environment than a public school. Additionally, you would have a more one-on-one learning environment. You can also go to a public school which is owned by the government. In a public school, you would most likely have a lot bigger environment than a private school and a large amount of diversity.

Studies have shown that there are about more than 46 million students who are enrolled in public school, from kindergarten to pre-school. Also more than 6 million students are enrolled in public schools. Let us take a moment to look at these two types of schools.

What is the difference between private and public schools?

I have gone to a public school all my life and things were very hectic for me. However, now that I am at a private school I feel as if things are a lot more organized at this school.

Private schools

The tuition at some private schools is more than public schools. In the 1900’s the average tuition range for a private school was $1,600 to $3,500 dollars. Whereas, now tuition ranges from about $5,000 to about $35,000 dollars. Either churches or individuals run many private schools. The fact that it is run by a church affects the price because then you have a lot more expectations. You have a chance to learn about God while also studying mathematics, English, and science.

Public schools

Tuition at some public schools is as costly as some private schools. but that depends on where you go. The tuition range for a public school is between $3,000 to $25,000 dollars. Some public schools may even give you an option of free “Tax-Free” education. Where the students family does not have to pay that much or have to pay the taxes. That is for families who are financially unstable or have a low-income.

In order for students to succeed in school, attendance is a priority

The attendance of a student at a private school is mostly chosen by the parent. A parent may sometimes feel as if at a public school, their child is not receiving the amount of knowledge they deserve. In addition, they might feel as if their child is not being challenged enough academically. Thus, this might cause some parents to enroll their child in another school.

Are there fewer distractions in private schools than public schools?

Although there are public schools in America that are good academically, some parents feel as if there are too many distractions at a public school. I have gone to a public school since I was in elementary school. I have seen that some public schools can be very distracting to some students since they can be crowded. Sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain order. While privates schools are usually smaller in comparison this makes it a lot easier for faculty and staff to keep an eye out on their students, thus leaving a good reputation for the school, student, and those around.

Both private schools and public schools offer great opportunities

At a public school, you can receive many opportunities that you probably would not have had at a private school. Majority of public schools are very good in extracurricular activities such as football, baseball, track, and much more. Not many public schools have been recognized academically. Even though most of the time the public school has a lot more clubs, sports, and classes than a private school would have.

Great teachers have passion to help students succeed

Since there is a lack of one on one learning time with the teacher in public schools, the student does not have the motivation to accelerate in their studies. On the other hand, a private school gives you attention and one-on-one experience and it helps you value your knowledge and the knowledge of others a lot more than you normally would. Though there are not many clubs and sports at most private schools, they do the best with what they have available which ends up helping them achieve their goals.  Most private school teachers have a passion and love to see their students grow. It is very rare to find a teacher like that at a modern-day public school.

Private schools and public schools

Do not get me wrong. I do not think that one type of school is better than the other. Both private schools and public schools are great in their own way. Without these schools, we would be nowhere today. I would not be sitting in classes with a passion to learn, and my teacher would not be in class with a passion to teach and watch us succeed.

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