Five resume mistakes to avoid

A man in a suit looking at a resume- resume mistakesEvery country has different standards when it comes to resumes. It may be confusing figuring out what employers want in the USA. Learn about five resume mistakes you should avoid when looking for jobs.

In the first few years of my life in the United States, I applied for many jobs, but I rarely got called for an interview. I always wondered why. A couple of years later, I become responsible for reviewing resumes and interviewing people. I reviewed hundreds of resumes, and I noticed that candidates are making the same common resume mistakes I made before. Here are five of those common resume mistakes.  

Poor design and layout

Looking back at my resume, I see how I made this common resume mistake more than one time. My resume did not look professional at all. I did not use the same font in the resume and the resume sections were not easily divided. My resume was not easy to review. Also, the final resume should be saved as a PDF to avoid unwanted changes in the resume when shared with the employer. 

Poor grammar

As an English learner, my English improved a lot in the past few years. I look back at emails I wrote and my old resume, and I can clearly see the high number of mistakes I made. I learned my lesson, and now, I always have a native English speaker look at my resume. That way I make sure that the grammar is right. It is also good I learn from their feedback not to make the same resume mistake again.

Unrelated or wrong information

As a supervisor, I think twice before I say a yes to resume or a cover letter that includes incorrect or unrelated information to the position. A common resume mistake like this one shows that the person might not care about the job and is just looking for any job. The resume should be written to highlight the skills needed for the job without including incorrect information.  The job description and the company website contain valuable information about what the company is looking for in a candidate.

Unprofessional email address

Never use an unprofessional email address on your resume. I used one couple of years and ago and I replaced it with a professional email address. First name and last or initials and last name are good for an easy to remember and professional email address.    

Incorrect contact information

Before applying for a job make sure that contact information on the resume is current and monitored. I had situations where candidates never replied to my interview invitation in time because of incorrect contact information.   

The resume is the first impression on the employer, and everyone wants to have a positive impact on his future employer. It is an opportunity to show the employer that they select the right person for the job. We live in a very competitive world and resume mistakes can be costly. The employer wants to feel assured that they made the right decision when selecting a candidate for a position. A well written and designed resume can affirm the decision.     

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