Choosing your career and future

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Choosing your career can be a fun process. Life experiences will help guide you and sometimes may change your mind.

I think that all youth have heard the question, “What do you want to be when you get older?” I love this question. While most must hate the constant pestering and persistence about choosing your career path, I love molding and changing my answers from time to time. I am really looking forward to the future, but as a famous African proverb says, “The future belongs to those that prepare for it today.”

For immigrants and refugees, it may be difficult to decide on what it is you are passionate about, if anything. So I hope that by sharing my journey and where I think that my life is taking me, you can have an example to relate to.

Early ambitions

When I was younger, I would say in middle school up until now, I knew that I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. It just made sense, I wanted to help people and make money doing it. This dream was not entirely fueled by my own action but rather the actions of my brother who then was interested in becoming a neurologist. It was very exciting and encouraging to get an example from my brother on both life and the future. But this is not what I really felt called to.

My opinion about choosing my career changed when I entered high school. I discovered activism.


Activism is a complex and interesting word. An activist is something that we should all be. I feel that activism helped fuel my fire to change the path of how I would like to live my life. I find it amazing that it allows you the opportunity to seek out justice for the things that you are passionate about. To stand up and fight for something that you believe in is so rewarding.

I am primarily focused on activism around, refugees, immigrants, and people across the African diaspora. Activism has many different alleys and path and really helped introduce me to my future.

Hopes and aspirations

At this point in my life ,I have many hopes and dreams for myself. I really do not want to be tied down as is the hope of many millennials. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations, and I believe that is great.

Live is so short, so why not live it to its fullest?

Primarily I want to become a social entrepreneur or someone who does business in a conscious way. I hope to start a fashion line of Afro-inspired clothing, and I want to partner with micro-entrepreneurs across Africa, to get the latest and greatest styles.

I would also like to be a writer. This summer I fell in love with African literature, and if I can write a few books I would be so fulfilled. I plan to focus my books on international corruption, with a historical fiction approach to telling the story of pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial times. I really do want to be successful in all of these things. I hope that you want the same in choosing your career for yourself. We will need to really work for it.

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About Asukulu S.
Asukulu Songolo lives in Portland, Oregon with his wonderful Congolese family. Attends Central Catholic High School, where he is a sophomore. He is a blossoming activist who is focused on immigrant, refugee, and human rights; as well as Pan-African rights. His current projects include curating an art exhibition based on Pan-African unity, an African student group working to provide educational equity for African students, and a non-profit focused on mobilizing African youth with educational support, in order to nourish their positions as future leaders. Asukulu aspirations include becoming a social entrepreneur, writer, and international diplomat/activist.