Ish topmoq

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Start a job search

Before you start your job search, you need to gather information about your past work experience and education. Plan on attending events and volunteering to widen your professional network. Ko'proq o'qing

ish imkoniyatlarni izlang

Most job opportunities are found online but you can also search through people you know, at employment offices, and places of business. Ko'proq o'qing

Rezyume maslahatlar oling

A resume is a paper listing your skills and accomplishments and is the best way to get attention from an employer. Find tips on how to write your resume, what information to include, and a template that shows you what a resume should look like. Ko'proq o'qing

Agar qopqoq maktub yozing

A cover letter is a page-long document where you can tell stories about your skills and experience in more detail. Cover letters give you the chance to explain how you are different than other applications and to explain why you want to work at the company you are applying for. Ko'proq o'qing

professional Manbalar

Professional references are people you have worked or volunteered with. Employers will call these people to learn about what you are like. Before you start a job search, you need to put together a list of references and their contact information Ko'proq o'qing

Apply through a job portal

Job portals are online web pages where you can apply for positions by submitting information about yourself, your resume, and sometimes a cover letter. Once you have submitted your information, you cannot edit it, so it is important that you prepare and edit it carefully Ko'proq o'qing

Fill out paper applications

Some places of business, like most restaurants, still use paper applications for entry-level jobs. Learn how to fill our paper applications without making a mistake Ko'proq o'qing

ish suhbatingiz uchun tayyorlang

When employers think they may want to hire you, they invite you for phone, virtual, or in person interviews. Learn what to wear, how to act, and what to do after an interview Ko'proq o'qing

ish haqi muzokara qanday

Most Americans negotiate their salary when they get a job offer. Learn what to say and when to say it to increase how much you are paid Ko'proq o'qing

hodisalarni Tarmoq

Tarmoq tadbirlar mansab tavsiyalar almashish ish qidirgan insonlar va odamlar uchun ijtimoiy hodisalardir. Agar aytish nima amal, agar kamroq asab his qiladi, siz bilan nima olib, and how to talk to people before you go. Ko'proq o'qing

Job interview questions

Learning and practicing good answers to job interview questions will help you do well at your interview. Read the most commonly asked questions. Ko'proq o'qing

Volunteering and internship jobs

Volunteering and internship jobs are unpaid work that helps you get experience in the workplace. Learn how they can help you get a job. Ko'proq o'qing


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