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You can read about the challenges other refugees and immigrants faced immigrating to the United States and learn from them how they succeeded in the United States.


Avtomobil Savatga Maslahatlar Men tajriba orqali o'rgandim

Car shopping can be confusing, even for people born in the USA. Learn car shopping tips and what you can do to prepare yourself. One of the main first steps on the road to success is having your own means of transportation. Since things get done in a fast-paced manner in America, it’s important to get ... Ko'proq o'qing

Mening yagona Tibet madaniy bayram

Each culture has its own way of welcoming the New Year. Losar (lo-gsar) is the Tibetan Buddhist cultural celebration that celebrates the New Year. The Tibetan Calendar is based on Lunar calendar. odatda, we depend on our local Monastery to let us know about the days. I think even if all the Tibetans celebrate this ... Ko'proq o'qing

Celebrating holidays in the US

  Holidays in the US can make some immigrants and refugees nostalgic for their home country. Read about how Christmas and the new year are celebrated in Burundi. The first time I celebrated the holidays in the United States, I was excited to see how people celebrate here. I was surprised that even people who ... Ko'proq o'qing

Bültenimize a'zo bo'ling

Biz sizga Voices hikoyalar elektron pochta bo'ladi!

Sharing worldwide holidays

Celebrating holidays in the USA is a new experience for many refugees and immigrants. A teacher tells us about teaching US holidays and how she helps her students share their own, worldwide holidays. As Christmas approaches, we start learning useful vocabulary in school. We are learning words like candy cane, gift, stocking, lights, potluck, invitations ... Ko'proq o'qing