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Підготовка до громадянства

Learn about the N400 application. Learn how to apply for citizenship. Read about the naturalization interview. Читати далі

Ваші права

Learn about your rights as a refugee or immigrant in the United States. You have rights, even if you are not a citizen. Читати далі

Притулку та ТЕС

Information about how to apply for asylum in the United States. Information to help immigrants in detention centers. Читати далі

Кількість біженців, що дозволило в США в 2019

An announcement was made that the number of refugees allowed to come to the United States in 2019 is 30,000. Нижче наведено 3 things you should know if you are a refugee who is already here in the US. Читати далі

More citizenship resources

See all our pages in this section. Find more information about citizenship, притулок, rights and laws. Читати далі

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