Американська культура

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Культурний шок

Culture shock is a feeling you have when you move from one country to another and you do not understand the new culture. When you have culture shock, you may feel sad, scared or angry. You might miss your country and your culture. Читати далі

Американська культура

Culture includes family, holidays, traditions, and how you communicate. American Culture is very focused on the idea of individualism. Це означає, American Culture is about if one person can be successful. Читати далі

Американські цінності

Values are the things that people in a country care about. Americans value things that might be different than people valued in your country. Americans really value the idea of independence. This means people like to feel like they are free to do what they choose. Читати далі

Talking and Communicating

Americans talk in a direct way. This means they tell you what they think. When you talk to an American, it is important to look people in the eye. Learn how to talk to Americans and understand American communication. Читати далі

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