Refugee Boses ay isang koleksyon ng mga kuwento na isinulat ng mga refugee at mga imigrante na nakatira sa USA.

Maaari mong basahin ang tungkol sa mga hamon sa iba pang mga refugee at mga imigrante nahaharap. Basahin upang malaman kung paano sila ay nababagay sa buhay sa USA.

ang Pinakabagong

Restaurant jobs are excellent places to start

Restaurant jobs are a good way place to start your career in the USA. You can learn new skills and meet many different people. Learn how restaurant jobs can help you learn new skills. When we first time came to America in 2012, I had no idea about what kind of job I would take. ... Magbasa nang higit pa

Five resume mistakes to avoid

Every country has different standards when it comes to resumes. It may be confusing figuring out what employers want in the USA. Learn about five resume mistakes you should avoid when looking for jobs. In the first few years of my life in the United States, I applied for many jobs, but I rarely got ... Magbasa nang higit pa

Send money home – it’s easier than you think!

Many refugees and immigrant wish to help their families. Many send money home to help financially. Learn about some ways that you can safely send money to other countries. Refugees and immigrants who come to the USA to start a new life often have family members back in their home country. Many continue to take ... Magbasa nang higit pa

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Immigrant parents

Immigrant parents face many challenges in the USA. They help their kids learn about two cultures. Read about one immigrants experience. I was a blessed child. una, I was raised by my teachers. oo, my parents were both teachers and they knew how to raise a child. at, I grew up in Iraq where most of ... Magbasa nang higit pa