Adjusting to life in America

This section of the Refugee Center Online has ideas and information to help you better adjust to life in the US. By better understanding American culture and American values, you will have a better resettlement experience. You can increase your feelings of having control over your life and hopefully have less stress and feel happier.

Фарҳанг Амрико

What are American values?

What things do Americans value? Americans value privacy, истиқлолият, equality and competition.

How to adjust to American culture

Ten tips to help you be successful in the United States


Learn about how Americans talk to each other.

рафтори хусусӣ

Information about family relationships, знакомств, and alcohol and drugs in the United States.

зарбаи Фарҳанг

зарбаи Фарҳанг

When you move to America, you may experience culture shock.

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