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Culture shock is a feeling you have when you move from one country to another and you do not understand the new culture. When you have culture shock, you may feel sad, scared or angry. You might miss your country and your culture. Бештар

American behavior

Learn some things to say and do so you can adjust to American culture and behavior. Бештар

American values

Read about the things that are important to Americans, such as independence, privacy and equality. Бештар

Talking and Communicating

Americans talk in a direct way. This means they tell you what they think. When you talk to an American, it is important to look people in the eye. Learn how to talk to Americans and understand American communication. Бештар

Рафтор хусусӣ

This page will help you learn about personal things like dating and family. You can also learn about alcohol and drugs in the United States. Бештар

Useful US laws to know

When you come to live in the United States, you cannot know all the laws and regulations. There are many thousands of laws! Every state has its own laws, аз ҳад зиёд. Here are some US laws that are useful to know. Бештар

Аз Community

welcoming refugeesMy first month in AmericaMy very first month in America was very hard. I was lost, confused, and scared. Anna, гуреза аз Бирма, writes about her first month in America.
Қабули Дӯстони Амрико: таҷрибаи ман ҳамгиро дар ҷомеаи АмрикоҚабули Дӯстони Амрико: таҷрибаи ман ҳамгиро дар ҷомеаи АмрикоMaking American friends. This story is a real one and shows what is like meeting people from different cultures.
My First Month in America: I Could Not Pronounce My NameThe struggles refugees and immigrants face everydayУилсон Kubwayo, a refugee, shares some of the greatest challenges he sees for newcomers. Learn the struggles refugees and immigrants face everyday.