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American culture is very direct. Many refugees and immigrants experience culture shock when they arrive in America. Maca deui

Nyandak netep

Basic information for when you first arrive in America. Learn how to find an apartment. Study for your driver's license. Maca deui

Palayanan Kaséhatan

You will need to find a doctor. You will need to sign up for insurance. Maca deui

Money and taxes

All Americans pay taxes. Learn about taxes and when to pay taxes. Learn how to budget your money. Maca deui

What is child abuse?

In America there are child protection laws to stop people hurting children. Learn about child abuse, child protection, and the rules parents must follow. Maca deui

What to do when someone dies

Learn the steps you need to take when someone dies in the United States. Find out what to do if you wish to leave because a member of your family dies or is dying in another country. Maca deui

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