Eight ways to welcome and help refugees to your community

Najvažniji faktor u osiguravanju da Dosljaci Sjedinjenim Državama postane integrisane i samodovoljna članovima društva je podršku njihove nove zajednice. Your efforts to help refugees matter.

The refugee crisis is not just an international crisis. Over three million refugees have been resettled in the United States. Postoje izbeglih i raseljenih lica u zajednicama širom Sjedinjenih Država, in large port cities, as well as more rural communities. These newcomers face significant barriers to integration: barijere koje uključuju informacije o preoptereжenje i zbunjujuće informacije, Kultura šok i izolacije, depresija i PTSP.

Integrisani zajednicama su otporni zajednicama – resilient against marginalization and isolation on one side, netolerancije na drugoj strani, i strah i nesporazum sa obe strane.

When refugees do succeed, it makes our communities more vibrant, strengthens our economies, and teaches our children to value diversity.

We hope you will consider donating, volunteering, and advocating for refugees in the United States.

1) Buy a shirt to welcome refugees

Join our Welcome campaignby a shirt a wear a message of Welcome. We sell shirts in eight of the most common languages spoken by newcomers in the US. Wear these shirts out and about in your community to tell newcomers #ThisIsYourHomeToo. Sada da kupiš košulju!

2) Become a trained volunteer

Complete our free online training program to learn how to effectively volunteer with refugees. Search our local resource databaseU vašem graduto locate service organizations in your community.

3) Listen to the concerns of established residents in your communities

Being a good advocate means listening with respect to the fears and worries of non-welcoming community members.

U odgovoru, highlight the positives that immigrants bring with them. Pronađu zajednički jezik identifikovanjem slične vrednosti koje izbeglice imaju sa non-Pozdravljajući članova zajednice – radnu etiku i otpornosti, religiozni i tradicionalnih društava, family values – and build your advocacy around that. You will find there are plenty of things that some refugee groups have in common with the more conservative Americans, who may resent newcomers simply because they don’t understand them.

4) Use technology

Kod je RCO, Verujemo da je moć tehnologija može pomoći izbeglica i raseljenih lica je uspješno integrišu. Saznajte više o our online programs and resources and share with organizations and families in your community.

5) Advocate facts in your community

Reinforce the messaging that welcoming communities are resilient communities. Sometimes redirecting people’s attitudes means giving them some facts and statistics. These reports offer some well-presented state-by-state information about the economic benefits brought by newcomers to the United States.

6) Work with your city and county officials to declare your community a Welcoming City

Pozdravljajući Ameriku is a national movement that encourages cities and towns to become more inclusive places.

7) Teach children about refugees both at school and at home

Teaching children about refugees and other social issues is an important thing to do. Read tips on how to talk to your children about refugees.

8) Hire refugees and learn inclusive employment practices

Research shows refugees are very valuable parts of the workforce. Hire them! We are adding refugee-friendly employers to our database. Email your name and company to: Info@therefugeecenter.org so we can add you.

Consider ways to support language learning and education for your employees. Your company can give employees time during their work week to earn their GEDs using our free GED preparation course. Find more resources and technical support from our friends at Veća prednost.

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Make a difference in the life of a newcomer

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Welcome refugees to your community

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