What happens after I am resettled in the United States?

Resettlement in America

This will help you understand what life will be like during your first year in America.

How do I get a driver's license?

Kako naučiti voziti?

Getting a driver’s license and driving in the US.

Ali ste vedeli? Lahko zastavljali vprašanja in dobili nasvet od drugih beguncev in priseljencev na RCO na forumih

Poišči pomoč blizu vas

Iskanje programov in sredstev v vašem mestu.

Začetek iskanja

How do schools work in the United States?

Kaj je javna šola?

Mnogi begunci pravijo, da pomagajo svojim otrokom, dobili dobro izobrazbo je eden od glavnih ciljev po preselitvi. This page will help you understand American schools.

How do I find an apartment or house?

Refugee housing: how to find a place to live

Find the right home for you and your family.

How do I use a computer?

Computer basics

Links to help you gain computer skills.

How to use social media

An overview of social media and tips to keep you safe on social media.

How do I get a bank account?

Bank information

Read about bank accounts and debit/ATM cards.

How to budget

Set a budget and start saving money.

How do I go shopping in the United States?

Shopping in the US

Types of stores and places to shop. Find ethnic groceries stories and food from your home country.

How can I stay safe?

When should I call the police?

When should you call 911? How can you stay safe?

What should I do if I want to move to a new city or house?

Moving to a new city

Are you thinking about moving to a new city? This page has information to help you prepare for your move.

Can I have pets? Can I hunt?

Pets and livestock

Learn about having a pet in your apartment or raising livestock in the US.

Hunting and wild animals

Basic information about hunting, fishing and wild animals in the US.

How do I pay taxes in the United States?

How do I pay taxes?

Every year, you must send your tax information to the Government, even if you do not make money.