Kako najti službo?

Kako najti zaposlitev

Information to help you find a job in the United States, including where to look for jobs and job applications.

What should I do at a job interview?

How to be successful in your next job interview

Information to help you do well in your job interview.

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Poišči pomoč blizu vas

Iskanje programov in sredstev v vašem mestu.

Začetek iskanja

How can I be successful at work?

How to be successful at work

Information to help you be successful at work and help you get a better job.

What rights do I have at work?

Workers' rights

Rights every employee has in the United States, as well as contact information for resources that can help you if your rights are violated.

Upwardly Global

Upwardly Global Employment Training

Upwardly Global offers an online employment training program to help skilled refugees enter the US workforce. Participants receive direct one-on-one help with their resume and interview practice. Upwardly Global also offers in-person training in four locations across the United States – New York, San Francisco, Detroit and Chicago.