Refugee rights: information and updates on the Executive Order and what it means for refugees, in refugee languages.

How do I become an American citizen?

How to apply for citizenship

Learn how to apply to become a US citizen

Become an American citizen! Free online class to prepare you for the civics exam.

This is a free online class you can take anytime to help you prepare to become a U.S. citizen. This class is for refugees and immigrants who are in the U.S. and want to apply for citizenship.

Kaj je naturalizacijo intervju?

Learn about what will happen at your naturalization (državljanstvo) interview.

What questions will be asked at my citizenship interview?

Learn about the questions the USCIS officer will ask during your interview.

Kakšne so moje pravice?

Know your rights as a refugee in the United States

Refugee rights

Zavedajmo se svojih pravic imigrantov

Zavedajmo se svojih pravic!

How to apply for asylum

Learn about getting asylum in the United States

Ali ste vedeli? Lahko zastavljali vprašanja in dobili nasvet od drugih beguncev in priseljencev na RCO na forumih

Poišči pomoč blizu vas

Iskanje programov in sredstev v vašem mestu.

Začetek iskanja

How can I get my Green Card?

How to get a green card or permanent residency

After living in the US for one year, you must apply to become a permanent resident or to get your green card. Your green card is proof that you are allowed to live and work in the US.

What should I do if I am scared?

What should I do if someone is threatening me?

Information to help refugees and immigrants who are feeling scared

Can I travel outside of the United States?

Refugee travel document and travel rights

Kot begunec, you can travel anywhere in the US. Vendar, if you move to a new location, you will have to apply for new benefits. It is difficult to travel outside of the US as a refugee until you have become a US citizen. If you need to travel outside of the US, you have to complete special travel papers and forms.

How can I bring my family to the United States?

Family reunification – bring your family to America

The US government has a program that allows refugees to ask for their husband/wife and children to come live with them in the US called family reunification. You must apply for this program within two years of living in the US as a refugee or two years of receiving asylum in the US.

How can I find low cost or free legal help?

When should I get legal help?

Getting a lawyer or legal help in the US can cost a lot of money.

Where can I find free legal resources? Where can I get free immigration help?

Free or low cost legal help for refugees and immigrants