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Refugee Center Hall of Fame | Hassan Ussuph

Hassan Ussuph was born in Somalia. Ussuph was raised in the world’s largest refugee camp located in the North Eastern province of Kenya. He has managed to educate himself to face the future. Ussuph is the third born in a family of six. He graduated from high school and got some college classes in the ... Preberite več

Know Your Rights: how to interact with law enforcement

Law enforcement officers are there to protect you, your family, and the community at large. Learn how to talk to a police officer. Often refugees and immigrants come from countries where government officials abuse their power; thus people fear them and often avoid any interactions with them. I remember the first time the police stopped ... Preberite več

Parenting in America: A guide for refugee and immigrant parents

Are you a refugee or immigrant parent in America? Learn from other refugee and immigrant parents about parenting in America. In many cultures, the mother and the older daughters are responsible for the chores inside the house and boys help their father on the farm and with outdoor activities, but life dynamics are little different in ... Preberite več

Povezovanje z drugimi begunci v Ameriki

Pridružite se spletni forum za komunikacijo z drugimi beguncev in izmenjavo izkušenj in pogovorov.

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The role of parents in kids education

English alsoNo English Early childhood education: What is your role as a parent in your child’s education?Predšolske vzgoje: What is your role as a parent in your child’s education?One day my mother told me that my grandmother gathered all six of her children around her every night as she monitored them in schools and ... Preberite več