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How do you communicate your feelings?

How do you communicate your feelings? Feelings – A Glimpse of the Past in a Modern World I pondered over the idea of writing about feelings a lot because I have yet to find a personal comfort in expressing feelings. According to the dictionary, a feeling isan emotional state or reaction,” and we all ... Preberite več

Povezovanje z drugimi begunci v Ameriki

Pridružite se spletni forum za komunikacijo z drugimi beguncev in izmenjavo izkušenj in pogovorov.

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5 Things You Must Do to Stay Healthy

What is the best way to keep yourself healthy? 5 things you must do to stay healthy. 1. Exercise to keep yourself healthy Exercise comes with many benefits. You should take time out of your busy schedule and exercise. Any exercise that you can put in each day is better than nothing. Before you head to ... Preberite več