Begunca glasove je zbirka zgodb in delovnih mest, napisal beguncev in priseljencev, ki živijo v Združenih državah Amerike.

You can read about the challenges other refugees and immigrants faced immigrating to the United States and learn from them how they succeeded in the United States.


Moving into a new house

Before moving into a new house, it is important to know your rights. You need to learn where to look and decide what is most important to you. We all dream of a clean, safe, and comfortable home to live in. I recall my search for a home back in 2010. I applied for many ... Preberite več

Solutions for missing traditional food

Some newcomers miss traditional food after coming to the US. You can find replacements for some foods and search for others in ethnic stores. Moving to a new country is challenging fin many ways. The most challenging aspect in my view is how to overcome cultural shock. This cultural shock happened to me and my ... Preberite več

The cultural differences of getting settled in the US

Cultural sensitivity and shock are common when first coming to this country. Most newcomers go through many stages of adjustment before becoming comfortable in their new home. If you ask two people to define the term “getting settled,” they will most likely give you two different answers, and that is a normal response. Both answers ... Preberite več

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Plačilo za kolidž

Read about one newcomer’s experience of paying for college. When I first arrived in the United States, I was a fifth-grader back in my country, but I had to start in ninth grade. I was shocked at how the school system in America worked. But I had to do my best to learn English so ... Preberite več