What is GED ®?

Many people ask us, “What is GED ®?” The GED ® exams are tests you take to earn a high school equivalency diploma. This shows you have the same knowledge as someone who completed high school in the United States. Getting your GED ® can help you be more successful in the United States.

What is GED?
What is GED®? You can earn your GED® and finish school in the United States. Photo courtesy of Knowledge Aid Foundation.
  • Many jobs in the United States require you to have a high school diploma or GED ® diploma.
  • To apply to go to college or university in the United States, you might need a GED ® diploma.
  • Even if you did finish high school in your country, you might want to get a GED ® credential to improve your general knowledge and to get ready to go to college.

How do I get my GED ®?

You can get a GED® by passing four tests about main subjects that students study in high school in the United States.

To earn a GED® , you have to pass four different tests.The tests are:

  • Social Studies (civics, history, economics, and geography)
  • Reasoning through Language Arts (reading and writing)
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Find out more about what’s on the test: What’s on the GED® test?

If you want to know if you are ready to take the GED® tests, you can take our practice tests and see if you pass them.

How should I study for the GED®?

1. Study for the test

You can study for free using our online class. We have GED® help in all four subjects: social studies, math, language arts, and science.

Most students finish one subject within two weeks to two months. You can start and stop anytime. You can retake lessons. You can choose which subject you want to start with.

2. Learn to use the computer

The GED® test is on a computer. There will be questions that are multiple choice, where you choose one answer. There will be questions where you have to use your computer mouse to move the answers into the right spaces. There will be questions that you answer by typing sentences. You should be familiar with using a computer and taking a test on a computer.

Our online class can help you prepare because it is all on a computer. You will see questions that are similar to the GED® test questions. Practice reading and answering questions on a computer screen when you take our class.

Do they have GED® tests in my state?

Not all states offer the GED® test. Some states have different tests. Look at this chart to see which test is offered in your state.

GED HiSET and TASC tests by state

How do I take the GED® tests?

To take the tests, you have to go to a testing center. The tests will be on a computer.

You can sign up for the subjects in any order. You can sign up for the tests all at the same time or you can study one subject at a time and take one test at a time.

It costs money to take the GED® tests. It is okay if you do not pass. You are allowed to take the test again. However, you have to pay every time you take the test so we recommend that you only take the test once you ready.

When you are ready, sign up for the test. You can take the four tests one at a time, in any order.

Here is the information you need to register for and take your test:

After the test

Your score will show up online about three hours later. When you have passed all four subjects, the GED® Testing Service will email you a transcript and GED® diploma. You can send the transcript and diploma to schools or people that you work for.


What is GED®?

The GED® is a high school equivalency diploma. It is an educational certificate that you can put on your resume to show an employer you have finished high school. You can also use it to apply for college in the United States and around the world.

I have a diploma from another country. Should I still get a GED®?

If you have a high school diploma, you may or may not need a GED®. You may need proof you finished school to go to college or get a job. Earning your GED® might help you. Take a practice test to see if you are ready to pass the tests now, or if you want to study more before you sign up.

If you have a college degree from another country, some of the classes and degrees might transfer.

Do you have scholarships for the GED® tests?

No, the RCO does not have any scholarships for GED® tests.

Here is one scholarship for people who live near Portland, Oregon: Portland Literacy Council GED® Scholarship

If you know of more scholarships, please email us and we will share so that more people can get find GED® scholarships.

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