What are vaccines for children? Health Information about your children and teens

What are vaccinations

Parents often worry about taking care of their children. This information will help you understand about vaccinations.

What are vaccines for children?

A vaccine is a substance that prevents someone from catching a disease. Vaccines (also called immunization) help people avoid diseases before they need treatment. They develop immunity to the disease. As a result, they are very unlikely to catch it.

Children in America, children regularly receive vaccines to help keep them healthy. Doctors and health professionals develop a specific schedule which they follow when vaccinating children. It is important that your children receive their vaccines on time because it helps them stay healthy and disease free.

This website tells you which vaccines for children are recommended by doctors. It also tells you the ages when doctors believe that they should receive those vaccines. Many of them should be given early in a child’s life. Read the information on the website and ask your doctor if you have any questions.

Children’s health

Kids Health is a website with information for parents and kids about a variety of kids’ health-related topics. Follow the link below and click on “For Parents” for information. You can learn about normal growth and development in your child, common childhood diseases, and much, much more.

Ethnomed has a number of child health-related resources which have been translated into different languages. In particular, parents of young children may want to read the guidebook Raising Children in a New Country: An Illustrated Handbook.  It is a good introduction to parenting in the United States.

Teens’ health

Teenagers are young people between the ages of 13 and 19. The teenage years are an important period for a child’s growth and development.  There are important physical changes which occur as children enter puberty. This is the period when boys and girls become sexually mature. During puberty, teen’s bodies release chemicals called hormones. They may cause emotional changes as well.

Puberty101 is a website with information about what happens to the body during puberty.

Bodimojo is a website that is written for teenagers. You can read about physical and mental health resources related to fitness and nutrition, social life, and relationships and more.

Kidshealth also has a section of their website which is dedicated to teen health issues.

TeenInk is a collection of teen health resources from across the internet. Click on the link below to explore information on a variety of topics, from Sexual Health and Teen Pregnancy, to Health and Nutrition, to drug and alcohol abuse.

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