How do I get medical care in the United States?

Health insurance for refugees in the United States

How do I get health insurance? What is health insurance?

What is a doctor?

When do I go to a doctor? When should I go to the Emergency Room?

How do I go to the doctor?

How do I go to the doctor?

What are prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines?

Information about how to take prescriptions, getting prescriptions filled, and over-the counter medicines.

How can I be healthy?

Where can I find healthy food?

Information about eating healthy on a budget.

How to be healthy and prevent diseases

Practice healthy habits and learn simple things you can do to prevent the spread of diseases

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Healthcare for Women

Women's health information

Here you will find information about health conditions that are unique to women.

Sexual health and healthy relationships

Find information and resources about sexual health and sustaining heatlhy relationships

Healthcare for Children

What are vaccinations? Information to help you take care of your children

Learn more about health issues of young children and teens and access resources to take care of them.

LGBT Healthcare Resources

LGBT: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities

Find information and resources for LGBT community members