Best websites to learn English conversation and grammar online

You can learn English conversation and grammar online with these free online ESL resources.  The information on this page includes some of the best free English classes and programs that we have found online.

Best websites for learning English

Refugee Center Online Classroom
Although the classes are focused on GED and Citizenship, they are very good classes to help you learn English because you can study English while also viewing the classes in your language. This helps you learn English faster.

BBC Learning English
Short courses and videos to help you gain new listening skills.

Breaking News English
Listening and worksheets for different levels of ESL speakers based on current events.

Interactive courses with a world-wide language learning community.

Helps with listening skills. You can choose topics based on your personal interests like sports, history, or travel.

English for Everyone
This website has worksheets and quizzes you can use to practice your English.

English Page
This website offers free online lessons and resources, with lots of exercises of different grammar topics

Exam English
Many different free practice tests (such as the TOEFL) to help prepare you for English language tests for school or the workplace.

Fun Easy English
Has many different ESL resources, including over 2000 English conversation videos you can watch.

A website that corrects people’s mistakes, with apps you can download to check your writing. There is also a handbook on their website offering clear explanations about grammar, punctuation and other topics.

Helps you learn to write in English with help from a native speaker.

Purdue ESL Lab
Grammar and Pronunciation Tips.

USA Learns
USA Learns has three free English courses to help you learn beginning and intermediate English

VOA Special English
Listen to the news in slow English to check your comprehension skills.

Vocab Sushi
Helps you gain new vocabulary skills.

GlobalEnglish has online courses to help you learn English that  you can use at work. Send your name and email to to sign up for free classes.

Best apps for learning English

Duolingo records when you speak to help you with pronunciation.

This app uses real videos to help you learn from actual native speakers. You can watch different topics.

Do you want to practice writing and studying English? We offer a free GED Language Arts test preparation class.

Although this class is to help students who are studying for their GED, it can also help you study and improve your English. Go to the Language Arts GED class now.


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