Finish your education - earn your GED

Earn your high school diploma

Do you dream about completing your education? The Refugee Center Online offers a free online GED/HiSet Preparation course to help you earn your high school equivalency diploma. This course is divided into four subjects just like the GED and HiSet exams: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math. Earning your GED or HiSet shows you have the same knowledge as someone who completed high school in the United States. After you earn your GED/HiSet, you will also be able to apply for more job opportunities in order to make more money for your family. Many colleges and universities also require students to have high school equivalency diploma’s before they will be accepted to the college.

College and University

Getting ready for college

Information on applying for college, college prerequisites, and financial aid.

Scholarships for refugees and scholarships for immigrants

A list of scholarships for refugees and immigrants living in the US.

Community College Finder

Search to find a community college, a low cost college option, in your city.

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Find help near you

Search for programs and resources in your city.

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Help your child succeed in school

Schools in the United States

Many refugees say that helping their children get a good education is one of their main goals after resettlement. This page will help you understand American schools.

Learn English Online

Free online English language resources

One of the most important things you can do when you arrive in the United States is learn English. Here are some resources to help you learn.

Online learning

Coursera for refugees

This program allows you to take free courses from some of the United State’s top universities in order to improve your career. You can earn a diploma or certificate in important areas like English for Business and Web Design.