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Find out about teaching and other education jobs

Education means learning. When you work at education jobs, you will help people learn in one way or another.

In the United States, all children must go to school. So the school system is large, and there are many education jobs to fill. There are also many universities, colleges, and training centers. All of these offer jobs in the field of education.

Which job?

If you want to get an education job, you probably want to teach. You will find steps to becoming a teacher farther down this page. But there are other education jobs and careers beyond the school classroom. Here are some of them – most of them require a degree:

  • Librarian – librarians in colleges, schools and other libraries organize books, journals, and magazines, and computer data. This is a good job for people who love to read.
  • Guidance counselor  – a school guidance counselor helps students stay on track with their academics and helps improve skills. A great job for people who like helping kids but don’t want to teach.
  • School liaison – a school liaison officer keeps parents, students, and teachers connected and working together. This would be a good job if you want to help your community. Learn how to be a school liaison
  • ESL teacher – ESL stands for “English as a second language”. An ESL teacher teaches English to students who are not native speakers.
  • Teaching assistant also called teacher’s aide, a teaching assistant helps teachers in the classroom and support students. A good job for someone without a degree. Learn how to be a teaching assistant
  • Substitute teacher A substitute teacher steps in for a teacher who is absent. It is a good job if you do not have teacher certification or if you do not want a full-time commitment to one job. You will need to be available to work at short notice.
  • Art teacher – art teachers teach artistic skills and art history at every level. They help students develop artistic talent and express themselves. This is a good job for you if you are an artist but cannot earn a living just through art.
  • College professor college professors teach students who are earning degrees. This a job for a person who has great knowledge and is highly qualified in their field, which could be anything from Ancient Greece to technology.

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Would you rather be a regular teacher in a public school? It is a very good choice for the right person. There is a shortage of teachers in the United States. If you are a qualified teacher, you will easily find a job.

Is education the right job for me?

The field of education is a most important one. Education jobs are a good career choice if you want to contribute to your community and to the future of your country. But few education jobs are as high paying as jobs in business. If making lots of money is important to you, then education may not be right for you.

Teaching is a good job for outgoing people. It is not a good job for people who have trouble speaking in front of a group.

Watch a video about teaching refugees
The video features Mandy Manning, National Teacher of the Year 2018

Where do I start?

If you want to be a school teacher, a good place to start is with the Department of Education in your state. This is because the states certify teachers, and every states’ requirements are different.

Here are the steps to becoming a public school teacher:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree
    If you want to teach young children, a degree in early childhood education is good. If you want to teach older kids, consider what subject you want to teach – for example, mathematics – and that will be the best degree for you.
    How to earn a teaching degree
  • Become a student teacher
    Most states require you to be a student teacher before you become a teacher. You will practice teaching a school near you for one or two semesters.
  • Take the teaching exam
    Most states require you to pass the Praxis exam for teachers
    Learn about PRAXIS
  • Get your teaching certificate
    Find teacher requirements by state

What if I don’t want to teach in a school?

What if I am already qualified in another country?

  • Upwardly Global helps work-authorized immigrants, refugees, asylees, and Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs) restart their professional careers in the United States.
  • is a website for qualified teachers who want to gain more credentials.

What else do I need?

What next?

spotlightSPOTLIGHT: Eklas Ahmed, a refugee from Sudan who became a teacher in Portland, Maine  – watch Eklas receive a wonderful surprise!


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