Your First Year in the United States

Resettlement in America

This will help you understand what life will be like during your first year in America.

Basic Skills

This link will help you learn about the many new things you will encounter in the United States and teach you how to use things like American appliances.



Having a family in America


Find childcare help and options.

Did you know? You can ask questions and get advice from other refugees and immigrants on the RCO's forums
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Find help near you

Search for programs and resources in your city.

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Public Schools

Schools in the US

Many refugees say that helping their children get a good education is one of their main goals after resettlement. This page will help you understand American schools.

Housing and Transportation


Find the right home for you and your family.

Driver’s Licenses

Getting a driver’s license and driving in the US.


Riding the bus, train, or subway in the US.


Food and Eating

Adjusting to American food, learning healthy habits and where to find ethnic food.

Computers and Technology

Using a Computer

Links to help you gain computer skills.

Using social media

An overview of social media and tips to keep you safe on social media.

Banks and Money


Read about banks, checking accounts, and credit cards.

Paying taxes in America


Set a budget and start saving money.



Types of stores and places to shop. Find ethnic groceries stories and food from your home country.


Police and Law Enforcement

Information to help you understand the police and law enforcement in the US including when to call the police.

Keeping Safe

Keeping yourself and your belongings self.

Moving to a New City

Moving to a New City

Are you thinking about moving to a new city? This page has information to help you prepare for your move.

Animals in America

Pets and Livestock

Learn about having a pet in your apartment or raising livestock in the US.

Hunting and Wild Animals

Basic information about hunting, fishing and wild animals in the US.