How do I learn basic computer skills

basic computer skills

In today’s world, we all need to use computers and other technology. This page will connect you to some resources for gaining basic computer skills.

Where to learn basic computer skills

Digital Learn
Digital Learn has several classes to help you learn computer basics and internet skills. You can just click on a lesson and start.
GCFLearnfree has many great online courses and videos to help you learn about computers and many other topics. Below are some of our favorite videos: explains what computers are and what they actually do. explains the different parts of a computer. introduces you to different parts of a laptop computer.

Email basics provides a lesson on how to use Google’s free email program, Gmail.

Internet safety

Internet Safety from
This free course teaches you about internet safety

Internet Safety from
This website has resources on how to protect your kids on the internet

Find a class

Most public libraries have free computer classes. Search our Local Resources page to find both advanced and basic computer skills classes near you

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