Seniors Speak: Keeping busy while learning a new culture

Some senior citizens sometimes find themselves without many things to do. This can lead to depression, especially if they are still not used to their new culture. Find out how keeping busy improved the quality of one woman’s life. I am a Syrian refugee in her sixties who came to the U.S. in 2016. Coming to ... Read more

Resume challenges in the USA

Every county expects a different kind of resume from people applying for jobs. Learn what the resume challenges in the USA are. Writing a new resume in the United States of America was challenging for me due to several reasons. First, it was a little bit different from the original one I had prepared back ... Read more

Seniors Speak: Learning English at an older age

Learning English is a challenge for everyone, especially older people. Read to learn how one immigrant’s life changed for the better when she learned English “You can not learn English at an old age,” I heard it from friends when I decided to learn English as a second language. My name is Fatema, and I ... Read more

The life of an international restaurant employee

Restaurant jobs are a great way to start or continue your career in the USA. My friends and I started working when I was in 7th grade, preparing food for weddings on the weekends. I liked this kind of work because you get to be in weddings, meet celebrities, and eat wedding food so it ... Read more
Refugees shaking hands

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A migrant mother working remotely

Working remotely means doing all your work at home. It is becoming much more common in the USA. There are good things and hard things about working from home. When I decided to write about my experience, I did some research. I found out that in 2015, it was estimated that almost 45% of US ... Read more

Figuring out a paper job application and job interview

Filling out a paper job application can be hard if you are new to this country. But it gets better each time. So does the  job interview.  Getting a job in this country may be challenging, especially if you have immigrated and don’t speak the language. Your education may not be accepted in this country, ... Read more

How and where I found a professional work reference

Employers in the USA will ask for work references before they hire you. A work reference is a report about you from your previous employer. Sometimes, it is hard to get a sincere professional reference to help you apply for jobs. Your current employer might not like the fact that you are leaving the job ... Read more

Applying foreign credits for education in the USA

Every country has its own rules about certificates and degrees. You may not be able to use yours in the USA. A good option is to have your foreign credits evaluated. “They are not going to accept your degree,” a friend told me after I arrived in the US. I exclaimed, “Why? I worked hard ... Read more