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Why do refugees choose United States over other countries?

Why do refugees choose to come to America? A refugee did a survey on other refugees to discover why refugees choose the United States of America over other developed countries. When refugees come to the United States of America, they have different things in their mind. In fact, different goals and various expectations bring different ... Read more

START: 5 tips you can use now to succeed in American schools

This article shares five tips you can use now to succeed in American schools. We hope you enjoy it as we have enjoyed preparing it for you.    Education is very important in our lives. Education changes the way people think and understand the world. Education allows us to learn ways of changing our future. ... Read more

The Refugee Center hall of fame member shares his secret to succeed

  Mark Jallayu shares his secrets for success in American Schools. To show the power in setting goals and achieving them, here’s a list of goals that I set for myself and achieved. Run and become Class President my junior year of high school Be selected as one of the recipients of the Who’s Who ... Read more
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Finding a new future: It’s all about how one sees and uses time

Time is the very foundation of our lives and the reflection of our priorities. With twenty-four hours in a day, there is so much one wants to do that they sometimes feel like there’s not enough time in the world. While that might be the case, it may rest on that person’s time management to ... Read more