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Love Your Neighbor No Exceptions | The Refugee Center Online

I recently had an opportunity to join a group of a few ministry leaders in the state of South Dakota. It was a workshop on loving one’s neighbor without exceptions. The “Love Your Neighbor. No Exceptions” workshop was sponsored by the South Dakota Faith in Public Life. The workshop began with a continental breakfast and ... Read more

A network of volunteer translators offers free short narrative translations

As part of our mission, the Refugee Center Online supports efforts that promote a positive narrative about refugees and immigrants. For this reason, we want to invite you to check out “Translation Outreach Network”.     About Translators Outreach Network Translation Outreach Network is a network of volunteer translators offering free short narrative translations (up ... Read more
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Nobody Wants to be an Immigrant | The Refugee Center Online

My family and I emigrated from Ethiopia to the cold north of the U.S. in 1999. In the 18 years we have been here we have lost family members back home that we never had a chance to see again. Most recently, we lost my beautiful grandmother. A few months after, we lost a dear ... Read more