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Why do some refugees become more successful than others?

  There are two kinds groups of refugees in terms of success and adapting to the life in America. During my first five years in the United States of America, I met different refugees from different backgrounds and cultures. My personal curiosity had always pushed me to talk to them and listen to their stories ... Read more

What the fourth of july means to me

What the fourth of july means to me The fourth of July for me draws many mixed emotions. I am grateful and happy that I am now in the United States, the land of opportunity and a place in which I can chase my dreams with little fear. Yet, I still feel dismal that during ... Read more
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4th of July – American Independence

American Independence Every year on the fourth of July, Americans celebrate the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America from the British empire rule. The declaration was made in July 1776. It stated that thirteen American colonies would unite to form an independent nation called the United States of America. Historical background In ... Read more