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Growing up I wished to go to school like other children

  Growing up I wished to go to school like other children. When I was a young girl, I always dreamed of becoming a nurse. That was a dream of an eight year-old girl living in the refugee camp, in a really poor environment. I just wanted to be a nurse and nothing and no ... Read more

America is a country of challenges and big dreams

America is a country of challenges and big dreams. Coming to the United States of America was a great moment in my life. First time when I entered America, I was happy and very excited. I will never forget that moment. It was January of the year of 2012 when we first landed at the ... Read more

Why I Want To Meet Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres

Basma writes about why she wants to meet Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres someday. “Never give upon what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the fact” -Albert Einstein. I was born in March and I know for a fact that most of the people ... Read more
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Youth and Elderly Refugees: the difference in their learning

Youth and Elderly Refugees Psychologists have long attributed the differences between adults and children to either cognitive or psychosocial differences. Cognitive theories suggest that children simply think differently than adults, while psychosocial explanations propose that children lack social and emotional capabilities that are better developed in adults.[1]Research also has established that adolescent way of thinking ... Read more