Refugee Reo Ko te kohinga o ngā kōrero, me pou i tuhituhia e te rerenga me manene e noho ana i roto i te United States.

You can read about the challenges other refugees and immigrants faced immigrating to the United States and learn from them how they succeeded in the United States.

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Former Cambodian refugees find sweet success in America

Former Cambodian refugees Ky and Chhary Phuon achieve the American dream by opening a donut shop in Danville, California. While big-name coffee chains are popular across America, there’s only one place locals in Danville, California, recommend. For over 3 decades, locals have seen the smiling faces of Ky and Chhary Phuon every day of the ... Pānuitia atu

Women’s education helps refugees succeed

Awaz was a refugee who fled a country that sometimes did not allow women’s education past elementary school. Because of her studies in the United States, she is now a manager and substitute teacher. Contrary to some common generalizations or stereotypes, I think that refugees and immigrants can be very successful in America. They must ... Pānuitia atu

How I got into graduate school less than a year after my arrival

  A newcomer tells his story of how perseverance earned him admission in graduate school When I first came to United States of America as an immigrant in the last quarter of 2016, I came here with an ambition and dream, it is because United States is the land of opportunities and here every individual has the chance ... Pānuitia atu

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You’re an American now, right? The journey to American citizenship

Even when marrying a US citizen, the journey toward American citizenship can be long and confusing. People often assume that when I married my American sweetheart, I automatically got American citizenship. This assumption really bothers me because if that was true, this would mean that I would have received a passport at the same time ... Pānuitia atu