Refugee Voices is a collection of stories and posts written by refugees and immigrants living in the United States.

You can read about the challenges other refugees and immigrants faced immigrating to the United States and learn from them how they succeeded in the United States.

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Things to consider when choosing a college

There are so many colleges in the United States. Choosing a college is a big decision. Read a former refugee’s story about how he decided. Education is a top priority for refugees and immigrants. With better education, we make more informed decisions that improve our lives. But with so many choices, it’s easy to get ... Skaityti daugiau

Voting for the first time

I am nearly 40-years-old. I voted for the first time in my life this past week.Before, when people would say something about Americans, I never felt like I actually belonged. Tačiau, just this past month, I finally became an US citizen. Now I vote for the very first time. Voting and being a citizen ... Skaityti daugiau

Hope, faith, and coming out

  Talking about your sexual orientation can be scary. It may be hard for you or people you love to adjust to this change. Read a queer woman’s story of coming out. I want to preface my piece with this: I am by no means a refugee. I have not borne the hardships of displacement, ... Skaityti daugiau

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Finding a job as an IT professional and refugee

It is hard for some educated refugees and immigrants to find jobs in the US. Read about one refugee’s long journey to find a job as an IT professional. When I left my home country more than 5 years ago and decided to come to the United States as a refugee, I had a big ... Skaityti daugiau