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My goal for 2018: publish Kirundi-English children’s book

Late last year, I announced the publication of a Kirundi-English children’s book coming this summer. The book was born out of a desire to keep my native language alive in my home and in the homes of other Burundians who live in the diaspora. Whether we came as immigrants or as refugees, we must strive ... Read more

Thriving in Our New Home: Refugee family finds a welcoming community

Finding a welcoming community in America I first came to the United States as a Fulbright scholar to do my Master’s in Linguistics. The two-year scholarship I got was an eye-opening experience. Besides getting a higher education degree, I had the opportunity to make lifetime friends, actively get engaged in the host community and experience ... Read more

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Accepting Others: How does accepting others help you in life?

Accepting Others. Whether you like it or not, accepting others for who they are will help you to accept yourself. Accepting others as they are is freedom. The other day, my mother was talking to me about hiring a guy to help her with few things around the house that she needed to finish. ໄດ້ ... Read more