Refijye rele se yon koleksyon de istwa ekri pa refijye yo ak imigran ki te rete nan Etazini.

Ou kapab li sou lòt refije e imigran ki fè fas a pwan. Lire pou aprann kouman yo ajusté vivan ankò nan Etazini.


The reason behind my working for a nonprofit

Nonprofits are organizations that support social causes. This type of work can be rewarding because it allows you to help others. Our community program manager talks about her experience working with nonprofits. My dream was always to be a professional recruiter and work with an international recruitment agency. apre, I found myself working for a ... Li plis

The challenge of making a class transfer to a foreign university

When you are a college student in a new country, you may not know how to continue your education. You must learn how to make a class transfer to your new school. Read to learn one newcomer’s experience. I grew up in Bosnia during a very rough time. But still, my family hasn’t experienced any ... Li plis

Try to experience food stores in the USA

When you come to the USA, you will have to get used to the new food. But you can probably find food from your home country, twò. Learn about the different kinds of food stores in the USA. It is hard to get used to something new when it has been a certain way all ... Li plis

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Restaurant jobs are excellent places to start

Restaurant jobs are a good way place to start your career in the USA. You can learn new skills and meet many different people. Learn how restaurant jobs can help you learn new skills. When we first time came to America in 2012, I had no idea about what kind of job I would take. ... Li plis