How will President Trump’s Executive Order affect refugees in America?

Important Updates on the Trump Administration’s Latest Changes to Refugee Resettlement and How These Changes Will Affect You

The Trump administration has made a new policy that will impact refugee resettlement in the United States.

We expect that this policy will be challenged in the United States court system. Currently the information below is correct but it may change again soon. We will update this information as soon as we learn about any changes.

Three important updates

1) Nyob rau hnub tim 25, 2018, lub US Supreme Court hnov ​​cov lus sib cav txog tus thawj txiav txim hais tias txwv mus ncig teb chaws mus rau lub tebchaws United States los ntawm tej lub teb chaws. The US Solicitor General says the travel ban is constitutional, tab sis neeg txawv teb chaws txoj cai tej pawg nug hais tias tus Supreme Court yuav txheem qhov txiav npluav.

The current travel ban restricts travel from seven nations — Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela thiab North Kauslim. Cov neeg los ntawm cov teb chaws tej zaum yuav tsis immigrate rau hauv lub tebchaws United States, thiab muaj ntau yog tsis tso cai rau tuaj rau chaw ua hauj lwm los yog txoj kev kawm los yog so.

Update: Nyob rau lub rau hli ntuj 26, the Supreme Court made a decision to allow the travel ban. Read more about the Supreme Court’s decision about the travel ban.

2) Increased Security Checks will begin for all refugees.

The administration is increasing security checks and background checks. This will be required for all refugees, including those who have already undergone their security check.

3) The administration has temporarily stopped (paused) “Following-to-Join” applications. (These are the legal applications to bring your spouse or children to the United States).

The administration has temporarily stopped (paused) all FTJ I-730 applications. We do not know when “Following-to-Join” applications will start again.

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