Volunteer with refugees – Help refugees rebuild their lives in the United States

Volunteer with refugees - a refugee family from Bhutan has tea.

Volunteer with Refugees

Volunteer with refugees – the Refugee Center Online (RCO) is always looking for committed volunteers to join our organization. The RCO has different types of fulfilling volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer for the Refugee Center Online

Micro-Volunteer Needs

Interested in completing a volunteer task right now? Micro-volunteers can make a difference for our organization by completing short tasks without having to complete an orientation to the RCO or background check.

FindHello app resource Eentry
Help build the RCO’s  FindHello smartphone app database by adding organizations, programs, and resources you know in your community and around the US. If you don’t already know of programs, just spend a little time doing some internet research and share it with us. Our staff review all entries. You can add new resources on the online version of the app. Just click on the three horizontal lines in the left-hand corner and select “submit resource”

Current Volunteer Needs 

The RCO has ongoing research needs to support different sections of our website. If you have expertise in a particular area or just are really good at finding information on the internet, consider volunteering for the RCO.

The RCO currently needs translators to help translate key portions of our website, including our online citizenship course, into refugee languages.

Host an event in your community such as asking a local restaurant to donate a portion of an evening’s proceeds. We will work with you to set-up the event.

And More
Do you have another idea of how you could contribute to our organization? Submit a volunteer application and let us know.

How do I volunteer?

The first step is to apply using our online Volunteer Application.

The RCO will work with you to create a volunteer position and set goals for your time as a volunteer with the RCO. The RCO is a volunteer-driven organization and is immensely grateful for the hours and talent our volunteers bring. We have found our process helps volunteers have fulfilling volunteer experiences.

Thank you for your desire to volunteer with refugees and to build inclusive, vibrant communities across the nation.

Free online course to train you to volunteer with refugees

Volunteering with Refugees
This free online course will help you understand refugee resettlement and gain skills to work effectively with refugees.

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Welcome Refugees to Your Community

As a community member you can help welcome refugees to your community.

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