Share your story about how knowing a refugee has made your life better

How has knowing a refugee improved your life? Share you story and we will feature it in our collection.


knowing a refugee has given me a gift

The Refugee Center Online believes newcomers make our country a better place. Refugee resettlement is not just the moral or ethical thing to do – it benefits us and our communities as well.

We are collecting stories from individuals around the country showing how knowing, teaching, working with, and perhaps most importantly, being friends with, refugees improves the lives of Americans.

We would like to invite you to share your story

What to include in your story

A 1-2 page story about how knowing a refugee has made your life better or changed your life.

To start – please complete one of the following sentence and then use the title as the theme of your post:

Knowing a refugee…
Being friends with a refugee…
Being neighbors with a refugee…

For example:

Knowing a refugee taught me the value of family
Being friends with a refugee taught me to eat better
Being neighbors with a refugee family extended my entire family

Please include the following in your post

  • A bit about your background, including a bit about you personally such as what you do for a career and your hobbies. For example, “I am a nurse and in my free time I like cheering my kids on at their sporting events.” The idea being “everyday” people support refugees.

  • How and/or why you got involved with the person or family you are writing about

  • Information about how long you have known the family

  • A specific example (or examples) of how knowing or being friends with a refugee has changed your life or made your life better

Ask Permission

Please ask the refugee (or family) you are writing about for permission to share the story and for permission to include a photo of you and them on the RCO’s website. We can just use first names or a full-name, depending on your preference.

Submit your story

When you are finished, email your story and your photo to: Please include the words “World Refugee Day submission” in the subject line.

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