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The single most important factor in ensuring that newcomers to the United States become integrated and self-sufficient members of society is the support of their new community. Your efforts matter.

For many people, the refugee crisis seems distant. People feel helpless as they watch children, mothers, and fathers fleeing tragedy and violence.

However, the refugee crisis is not just an international crisis. There are refugees and displaced individuals in communities across the United States. These newcomers face significant barriers to resettlement: barriers that include information overload and confusing information, culture shock and isolation, depression and PTSD.

In spite of these barriers, refugees are expected to become self-sufficient within eight months of arriving in the United States. Many are unaware of existing social services and may under-utilize available resources. They often struggle to learn English and find living-wage jobs, housing, healthcare, education, and transportation.

Refugees need more and better information about life in the US in order to transition to their new lives and become integrated. If you can help this happen, you can help newcomers and your community at the same time. Integrated communities are resilient communities – resilient against marginalization and isolation on one side, intolerance on the other side, and fear and misunderstanding on both sides.

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