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You may choose to invest in your own business rather than look for jobs. Learn about writing a business plan, hiring the right people, and registering Kara karantawa

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a Amirka, a lot of shopping is done on the internet. With the right knowledge, you can make money by selling things you make or re-selling things you buy at a low price Kara karantawa

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Nonprofits are organizations that help people and causes. Read about how to start a nonprofit and help your community. Kara karantawa

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Chasing the American dreamChasing the American dreamChasing the American dream: A young refugee writes about the challenges his family faced and what it meant for him to get an education in the United States.
idaho farm storyFarm 'yan kasuwa gina kasuwanci tare - Duniya yan gudun hijira Day 2018While working with Farhan in our farm business, I’ve learned about his passion for providing his community with healthy fresh produce | Duniya yan gudun hijira Day
Wannan Wannan 'yan gudun hijira rasa kudi bude wani jiki burodi, maimakon, ya sayar da Aleppo Sweets onlineTattalin arziki dalibi a Davidson College taimaka 'yan gudun jefa wani burodi kasuwanci. Sun rasa kudi bude wani jiki burodi. So they opened an online bakery.