Driver’s permit: Nepali Permit Test app helps newcomers take driving test

Driver's permit: Nepali Permit Test app helps newcomers take driving test

Driver’s Permit: A former refugee makes an app that will allow refugees and immigrants from Nepal to take the driving permit test in the United States

May 2018, Gautam Ghanashyam graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from Albright College in Pennsylvania. A natural leader and a motivated individual, he saw a need that was not being fulfilled and took it as a task and opportunity and to build a Nepali test permit app for Nepali learner drivers in the United States.

On July 30th, Gautam launched the Nepali test permit app that offers a US driving test both in English and Nepal. “I am always interested in helping and contributing to my community,” says Gautam. One of the good things about Gautam’s app is that you can take the test in either English or in Nepali.

There are over 130,0000 Bhutanese refugees in the United States. A lot of the elders are still learning the English language.

Gautam saw a problem and a need. “Since I was a computer science major and have been developing apps in college through different projects, I knew I could develop an app and translate the DVM content to make a Nepali permit test app that could work for refugees and immigrants from Nepal and help them understand the content,” says Gautam. The app has more potential than helping individuals take the driving practice test. It also has a potential to help Nepali refugees and immigrants who struggle with the English language learn the language faster.

An Android app is just the beginning for Gautam, and the iPhone version will be out soon!

One of the downsides of the Nepali permit test app is that it is not available in iOS now. The journey has just begun. Gautam says he is busy making the iOS version for iPhone users.

Driver’s Permit: Nepali Driving Permit Test App

“It took me three months. But the most work I did was not to create the app, but to go through the whole translation phase.”

It has been less than a week since the launch and the app has already attracted about 30 people who have downloaded the app and are currently studying for their driving test. Right now, “I am making a website so that way anyone can use it,” says Gautam. People can take the driving test on the App wherever state they are located in. “I made the questions so it applies to most of the state,” says Gautam.

According to Gautam, the website will have the same content as the app. When asked about his plan for the app, Gautam pauses, saying, “I hope to work with organizations and other programs that work with refugees and immigrants from Nepal.”

Drivers Permit: Nepali Permit Test app helps newcomers take driving testGautam has had the same challenges as other Nepali refugees and immigrants.

Originally from the country of Bhutan, Gautam was born in a refugee camp in Nepal. He grew up in the refugee camp for 11 years. Gautam describes the environment growing up, saying, “We lived in a very poor environment. Huts made out of bamboo.” In 2008, his family was granted the opportunity to come to the United States. After resettling in Boise, Idaho, Gautam was enrolled in elementary school. His family moved to Philadelphia where he attended high school. On top of playing soccer all four years throughout high school, “I was in the top six in my class of 2014 at Parkway Center City High School.”

After High School, Gautam was enrolled at Albright College in Pennsylvania.

Throughout his college career, Gautam has been in several leadership positions that have helped him grow as a leader. He was the president of the International Students’ Association, the largest club at the college. He was also a member of the President’s Student Advisory Council. Finally, Gautam was a Student Aid Advocacy Council representative for Albright College.

Gautam wants to inspire others to achieve

Gautam’s purpose for this app is to inspire other people with a similar background to get into computer science, obtain education and help their community. “I also want to further my career in app development. By releasing these projects, I hope I can also attract recruiters and get a job” says Gautam.

Download the Nepali Driver’s Permit Test App here.

Gautam is equipped with strong leadership ability. He also has strong skill sets in technology.

“I have worked extensively with coding languages such as; JAVA, PYTHON, C#, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and SQL. I have tremendous knowledge of computer science concepts in regards to Algorithms, OS, Linux and AI. Using these skills, I have created several Android apps and have worked on various projects. Recently I have used my skills to develop an android app to help my community. There are upwards of 130,000 Nepali speaking Bhutanese in the United States, and a lot of them don’t completely understand everything in English, so my work helps to solve that problem when it comes to getting a permit.”  Check out or Download the Nepali Driver’s Permit Test App.

Learn driving laws with these translated driver’s manuals!

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