Rise of the Golden Aura: Chanrithy Him talks about her new book

Chanrithy Him, Publisher, International Speaker, and Author of the Internationally Acclaimed Award-winning memoir, When Broken Glass Floats: Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge (WW. Norton).

Rise of the Golden Aura

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chanrithy Him about her new book, Rise of the Golden Aura. Ms. Him is a Publisher, International Speaker, and Author of the Internationally Acclaimed Award-winning memoir, When Broken Glass Floats: Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge.

Ms. Him has had a lot of experience in life. As a child survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide, her goals and dreams are to inspire, empower and educate the readers around the world, especially young girls and women. “Refugees have amazing strengths and fortitude to tackle challenges in life and strive to work hard to make our lives better as well as others around us because of what we endured in our countries and in refugee camps,” Ms. Him writes.

I have suffered.

Ms. Him is a child survivor. As a refugee, she lived in different refugee camps in Thailand and the Philippines. She lost her parents and her siblings during the Khmer Rouge regime. As an orphan, she was fortunate to come to the United States at age sixteen. She rose to become a voice for the voiceless and a voice for International importance. As a keynote speaker and Cambodian classical dancer, Ms. Him combines her experiences to educate, inspire and empower her readers, hosts, and audiences around the world.

From July 21 to August 21, 2017, as a publisher, Ms. Him runs a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to promote and market her groundbreaking new paranormal romance novel, Rise of the Golden Aura. Ms. Him is an inspiration to many. With this campaign and new book, her goal is to make a positive impact on our world society.

Despite the difficulties that she has faced growing up, Ms. Him says challenges never stop. She has faced a lot of challenges in her journey to write this book. She says people are going to try to put you down. “Do not listen to the people who tell you that you cannot do something” Ms. Him explains. You have got to find a way to ignore those voices and focus on your goals. You have to believe in yourself and trust that you are capable of doing what you set out to do. According to Ms. Him, people do not know what you can accomplish. “Some people do not know that I am intelligent and a natural storyteller. They do not know who you are and what drives you, yet they judge you,” says Ms. Him.

Writing has helped Ms. Him to become a better storyteller and a social activist. Naturally, there are anger and resentment because of what she had to endure in her early age. But she has learned to forgive after her painful journey of writing her memoir When Broken Glass Floats “I persevere to love” says Ms. Him. She says forgiveness is the only way out to personal freedom and happiness.

Follow your heart. Follow Your Passion.

When Ms. Him came to the United States at sixteen years of age, she wanted to become a doctor and to tell stories. She tried to follow the path of becoming a doctor. Shortly after, Ms. Him discovered that becoming a doctor was not for her. Instead, she decided to take on the other route of becoming a storyteller. Ms, Him claims that speaking and storytelling has allowed her to reach more people and make a difference in the world.

As her mission in life gets bigger with her groundbreaking new paranormal romance novel, Rise of The Golden Aura, her purpose remains the same. “This novel is not just for me. It is to inspire and empower readers around the world” says Ms. Him. When asked about her advice for young refugees and immigrants who wish to become authors and storytellers like her, she states the following: In anything, you set out to do in life “Follow your heart and follow your passion.”

Ms. Him’s Campaign: Rise of the Golden Aura. 

Invasion of the New and Original Asian Vampires. Help this Award-winning Author Promote her Groundbreaking New Paranormal Romance Novel Worldwide!

Growing up in Cambodia, Chanrithy was captivated by the romance and mystery

of the ancient Khmer temples, the Asian vampire mythology, and the Khmer stories of

reincarnation and incantation.  Finally, fulfilling a lifelong dream, in 2012, the Year of the

Dragon, she began writing Rise of the Golden Aura. The novel was inspired in part by

the legend of Queen Soma, Cambodia’s first ruler, actual world events, and the results

of a federally funded PTSD study of Cambodian youths who survived the Khmer Rouge

regime. Her personal experiences as a child survivor confronting war trauma, a clinical

PTSD researcher and an international speaker breathe an uncommon level of depth,

life, and humanity into the vampire genre.

Ms. Him lives in Portland, Oregon. To become part of her new upcoming book and donate to her campaign, follow this link: Invasion of the New and Original Asian Vampires.

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