Why hiring refugees is a win for Creative Snacks

a sticker on the fence of a factory - refugees welcomeCreative Snacks is known for its healthy products and innovative hiring practices. The company proves that hiring refugees is a smart investment in many ways.

Most people know the Creative Snacks Company for the delicious food they produce. They focus on healthier snacking and making consumers aware of what’s in their food. Looking a bit deeper into Creative Snacks, however, reveals something much sweeter than their dried fruit and chocolate treats.

In addition to producing tasty, organic snacks, Creative Snacks has another dream. That dream is the American Dream and it begins with hiring refugees. Creative Foods respects and appreciates all the colorful backgrounds that make the USA great.

The business recognizes diversity as a strength for the United States, and it is proud to be the home of many nationalities, ethnicities, and religions.

The staff comes from all over the world. What unites them is the desire to make healthy, tasty products with quality ingredients. So where do their employees come from and what’s so special about hiring refugees?

Creative Snacks employees come from a little bit of everywhere. Take Lina for instance. She’s a production line leader at Creative Snacks. She came from Iraq to the United States in 2014 on her own.

Although she had no family in America when she joined Creative Foods, Lina feels like her coworkers became her family.

They helped her improve her English skills by talking to her and correcting her mistakes. Many refugees and immigrants find it helpful to speak with native English speakers regularly. Lina manages and nurtures her coworkers like they were her own family. And hiring refugees adds new skills, experiences, languages, and cultures in the mix.

Another great example of Creative Snacks’ diverse organization is Bhakta. Bhakta, originally from Bhutan, left his home at only 8 years old. He and his family fled as refugees to a camp in Nepal. Bhakta lived in Nepal for two decades before coming to the USA. He joined Creative Snacks in 2012, securing various promotions at the company.

Today Bhakta is a production manager. He manages Creative Snacks’ massive inventory and ensures product quality and safety. He’s a friendly manager who encourages others to speak openly to him and strive for their goals.

Bhakta’s own hard work sets a great example for others who are hoping to improve themselves.

His story isn’t unique. In fact, many people on the Creative Snacks’ staff page will reveal similar success stories. For instance, Nway is a production line leader from Eritrea. He spent most of his childhood there before moving to Malta for seven years. He moved to the United States in 2014, a year before he started working at Creative Snacks.  Nway was promoted to his current position because of his hard work.

As Creative Snacks has grown, Nway also found his employees were more like family. He also notices and appreciates the diversity in his team. Having such a diverse team brings in a wider range of skills. In turn, hiring refugees empowers Creative Snacks to be more than just another food company.

Hiring refugees helps refugees integrate better in the United States of America.

Employers learn to manage diverse groups, and before long, other employees realize that more unites them than divides them. In a time where many companies shy away from taking a firm stance on immigration, Creative Snacks is crystal clear. Having a diverse staff from different countries is a blessing, not a burden. Their employees bring distinct experiences from their various cultural backgrounds. They come from 11 different countries and speak 25 different languages.

Their backgrounds are different but they all work together, like one team. They’re united both through the company and their shared home in America. Each employee has a different way of working but another thing they share is a strong work ethic. They work hard and aim high, a common theme with immigrants and refugees.

Coming to a new country involves a lot of work and commitment. It may involve learning a new language and always involves learning a new culture and way of life. For refugees in particular, trauma, fear, and uncertainty is often a part of everyday life. This is what makes hiring refugees about more than just giving them a job. Employers who hire refugees and immigrants aren’t just granting employment – they become a piece of the puzzle in someone’s American Dream.

Once immigrants and refugees are introduced to their new home, the next step is financial stability. That journey begins on their first day at work. Hiring refugees supports them and empowers them as well.

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Employers hiring refugees

Some companies want a diverse employee base so are interested in hiring refugees

Are you looking for employers who hire refugees? How to find businesses hiring refugees.

When you are searching for a job, you can check to see if there are employers in your community hiring refugees. Here are some ways to find employers who hire refugees:

  • Resettlement agencies and job centers often have a list of local companies hiring refugees. If you are connected to a resettlement agency, ask your resettlement officer. If you are searching for a job by yourself, ask your local job center if they have a list.
  • Talk to your resettled neighbors who have local jobs. Some businesses like to hire people recommended by their employees. 
  • There are US employers that have announced they are committed to hiring refugees. Some are local businesses, and others are national companies with locations across the country. They are listed below in alphabetical order. You may find job openings on their websites. You will need to search online using the business names to find if they have job opportunities near you.

Businesses hiring refugees

Aeropost International

ADX Portland

Anchor Staffing


Alexandria Yellow Cab

Amber Geiger Production

Amplio Recruiting

Automaton Creative

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Broadwick Fibers


Cardone Industries

Catholic Charities Community Services


Continous Solutions

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Congleton Service

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Ergo Errands

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Eviva Brands

Expense Reduction Analysts Co.

Figure Eight Investment Strategies


Freedman Bakery


Hartmann & Forbes, Inc


Hofler Design

IdeaLegal, PC

Impact NW


Inner Nature Acupuncture



JBS Swift & Co.

Mac’s list


Marriott Hotels

National Delivery Systems

Neil Kelly

New Seasons Market

Northrup Corporation

Nuvernture CPA


Pastini Pastaria

People-Places-Things, LLC

Perdue Farms

Perimeter Architects

Pine Ridge Farms

Poda Foods Inc

Portland Center Stage

Portland Made

Portland Petal Power

Prichard Communications

Pyro Pizza LLC

Rapid Made

Recess Architects

Remedy Staffing

RF Associates llc

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Ziba Design

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