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Welcome shirts

  Buy a shirt to tell refugees and immigrants they are Welcome We want to share the message Welcome #ThisIsYourHomeToo with all refugees and immigrants. You can too, by purchasing a shirt from our Welcoming Campaign. Shirts and tanks cost $24. Kids shirts are also available for $15. World Refugee Day is June 20th Send ... Read more

Learning a foreign language

Adjusting to a new culture and learning a new language takes a lot of time. A teacher talks about how to show compassion to newcomers as they learn English. I have spent almost all of my life learning a foreign language. I always try to have at least a basic idea of how languages work, especially ... Read more

A former refugee joins the Arizona police force

Germaine Dosseh is a former refugee who fled his home country of Togo and came to Arizona to seek safety. The Arizona police force is probably the last place he thought he’d end up. Germaine Dosseh was born in the West African country of Togo. Togo is a country that is criticized for numerous human ... Read more
Refugees shaking hands

Welcome Refugees to Your Community

As a community member you can help welcome refugees to your community.

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Cristina Martinez shows what undocumented immigrants bring to the table

Undocumented immigrants have been a big topic of discussion lately, with some politicians saying negative things about them. Chef Cristina Martinez proves that undocumented immigrants bring wonderful contributions to their communities.  The Mexican restaurant El Compadre sits at the heart of Philadelphia’s famous Italian Market. The South Philly market is known as a place for ... Read more

Refugee owned business supported by community

Donut City is a refugee owned business that has become a staple in its community. When one of the owners experienced health problems, their customers decided to support them.  Donut City, owned by husband and wife John and Stella Chhan is not your typical donut shop. The couple has run the shop for almost 30 years. ... Read more