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I am a refugee and I am proud of it

I am Proud! I am a Refugee! When I walked into the Social Security Administration office one day with clients of mine, an older man exclaimed, “What are they doing here? Are they here to take my money?!?” As a recipient of benefits under the refugee resettlement program and as a caseworker at a refugee ... Чытаць далей

Why I don’t call myself a refugee anymore

I don’t want to call myself a refugee anymore. I always say, “Being a refugee is not a choice, rather a circumstance. No one wants to become a refugee.” Once a refugee, I served refugees and worked with refugees. I know how it feels to be called a refugee from the inside out. Born in ... Чытаць далей

Who Am I? An open letter from a refugee

An open letter from a refugee. A reflection of how some refugees feel for not being allowed to come to the United States of America. I’m the surgeon who would’ve saved your life. I’m the spouse who would’ve loved and honored you in marriage. I’m the teacher who would’ve inspired you to reach your goals, ... Чытаць далей

Майце зносіны з іншымі бежанцамі ў Амерыцы

Далучайцеся да онлайн-форуму для зносін з іншымі бежанцамі і абменьвацца вопытам і гутарак.

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Finding Rest: A story of resilience and hope

My story is one of resiliency and hope. My parents come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They had lived there practically their whole lives. The trouble with the Kabila regime began way before I was born. Around the time my parents settled down together it became unbearable. Desire Kabila seized power from the ... Чытаць далей