Five resume mistakes to avoid

Every country has different standards when it comes to resumes. It may be confusing figuring out what employers want in the USA. Learn about five resume mistakes you should avoid when looking for jobs. In the first few years of my life in the United States, I applied for many jobs, but I rarely got … Read more

Applying foreign credits for education in the USA

Every country has its own rules about certificates and degrees. You may not be able to use yours in the USA. A good option is to have your foreign credits evaluated. “They are not going to accept your degree,” a friend told me after I arrived in the US. I exclaimed, “Why? I worked hard … Read more

The things I thought about during my bank search

Do you need to open a bank account? How do you choose which bank? Read one refugee’s experience of how he did his bank search.  How do I choose a bank? Should I trust banks with my money? These are questions I asked myself repeatedly. I was doing a bank search after I had been … Read more

Moving into a new house

Before moving into a new house, it is important to know your rights. You need to learn where to look and decide what is most important to you. We all dream of a clean, safe, and comfortable home to live in. I recall my search for a home back in 2010. I applied for many … Read more

The cultural adjustment of getting settled in the USA

Cultural sensitivity and shock are common when first coming to this country. Most newcomers go through many stages of cultural adjustment before becoming comfortable in their new home. If you ask two people to define the term “getting settled,” they will most likely give you two different answers, and that is a normal response. Both … Read more

The importance of job skills training

There is no doubt that job skills training is important for job advancement. Learn how on-the-job training, licensing, and volunteering can help you with your career.  When I arrived in the US, I applied unsuccessfully to many jobs. My issue was not the lack of skills, but my inability to present my skills to the … Read more

Know Your Rights: how to interact with law enforcement

Law enforcement officers are there to protect you, your family, and the community at large. Learn how to talk to a police officer. Often refugees and immigrants come from countries where government officials abuse their power; thus people fear them and often avoid any interactions with them.  I remember the first time the police stopped … Read more

Parenting in America: A guide for refugee and immigrant parents

Are you a refugee or immigrant parent in America? Learn from other refugee and immigrant parents about parenting in America. In many cultures, the mother and the older daughters are responsible for the chores inside the house and boys help their father on the farm and with outdoor activities, but life dynamics are little different in … Read more